Who can benefit from a Voice Generator

The computers today are equipped with hundreds and thousands of programs that have special uses to the users. These functions aim to make the life of a person much easier because they do not do tasks manually like before. One of the programs that have been introduced to the public is the computer voice generator. From the name of the program itself, it can generate an artificial voice and say words that have been typed or included in a file found in the computer.

This type of breakthrough technology has a lot of uses not only in the schools but also in the multimedia industry. This process is called speech synthesis wherein a certain form of language is being converted and synthesized into speech which humans can hear. There are free voice generators that can be found but there are also the paid voice generators with more features in them. Looking for the perfect voice generator will heavily depend on the usage.

There are a lot of people who will benefit to the functions of a computer voice generator. Because of its ability to convert the text in the computer to a voice that talks to you, the possibilities are really open. There are basically two general functions of these generators.

The first one is that you can type into the box what you want the generator to say; and the second fundamental function is that the generator will read whatever is on the screen.

• The people who will really benefit from these voice generators and speech synthesizers are those who have problems with their vision. If you are visually impaired, you cannot really see clearly what is on the computer screen. It may seem hazy and the brightness may just irritate your eyes. With these programs, you can just listen to what the document says without any difficulty.

• Avid readers can also benefit from a voice generator. With these programs, you can prevent straining your eyes from looking and staring at the computer screen for so long because you want to read all the pages of your favorite blog because you can now listen to them instead.

• Multimedia experts can also use these voice generators when they are creating videos and clips. The text that they put into their videos can easily be turned into speech.

• Housewives who are busy taking care of their kids or doing the household chores can also use a computer voice generator to listen to a document in the computer or a webpage of their favorite celebrity gossips.

• Schools also use voice generators to aid in the learning of speech and language in the classrooms. The voices created by these generators are neutral so it will be a good basis for language and reading exercises.

• A voice generator is also commonly used in public places where virtual voices are used to assist people in directions or in announcing safety guidelines.

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