Needed Features on computer voice generator

Based on the computer technology of amazing speech synthesis, TTS (Text to Speech) software lets you convert any form of text into an audible speech on your personal computer.

More and more users of computer, including students, business people, writers and those who are visually challenged or with learning disabilities, make use of a computer voice generator to improve their work efficiency, make proofreading more effective, learn different languages and/or reduce computer eyestrain from excessive reading. Now, it is time to relax, sit back and let the PC do all the talking. When selecting the right TTS program, consider the following pieces of advice:

Considering Needed Features

The fundamental function of a talk to speech program is to convert written words into audible speech. Users of this software normally listen to the synthesized speech directly on computer speakers. This is the most effective and commonly used method of using a computer voice generator. Just relax, sit back and allow your PC to read all your daily readings, lengthy reports and technical materials to you. Do not let yourself continue to suffer from reading tiny fonts on the computer screen. This is what the tool primarily helps you with.

The basic function of the software helps you enormously reduce eyestrain from excessive reading. This feature can also be used for improving both your reading speed and comprehension, by listening to what you are reading. Since this is the most important function, almost all voice generator products have this feature. For most users, another significant feature is Text to WAV or Text to MP3.

This feature is a great time- saver and perfect solution for busy people. It allows you to save easily your emails, online newspapers, course work and other kinds of text, as MP3 files for your handy audio player like MP3, iPod, etc.

Voice Generator Top Websites

At present, the use of text to speech software or voice generator is becoming very popular due to its helpful features in improving reading efficiency and saving time. For beginners who want avail of these applications, they can several websites that provide free online services for speech synthesis with no need of downloading and installation. The AT&T Company provides Natural Voices voice generator: live demo so you can experience how to use the software. AT&T is also considered the best More...

Convert Text to Voice

Today’s technological advancements are basically tailored to make the lives of the people much easier. But aside from that, there are also a lot of inventions that aims to help those special people in their needs. Among those advancements is the technology that is able to convert text to voice. There are already many programs that can turn text to speech. This is totally different from the voice recognition technology. In voice recognition, the person talks and the program will More...

Common Limitations of a Voice Generator

As much as these programs are really helpful, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Here are a couple of the limitations of these generators: • The voices that are created with these generators are not expressive enough. They are usually in monotone and they could not imitate human emotions translated into speech. This is why listening to the computer at first would seem awkward. // Get the Text to Speech Avatar Widget widget and many other great More...