Convert Text to Voice

Today’s technological advancements are basically tailored to make the lives of the people much easier. But aside from that, there are also a lot of inventions that aims to help those special people in their needs. Among those advancements is the technology that is able to convert text to voice. There are already many programs that can turn text to speech. This is totally different from the voice recognition technology. In voice recognition, the person talks and the program will transcribe what was being said and it automatically turns it into text. Voice recognition technologies are perfect for those people who have disabilities in hearing. They are easily able to read in the screen what was being said to them. The text to voice technologies work the opposite way. The person will type into the program what he or she wants to say and then the program will be the one who will say the word or the phrase aloud. This technology can be used by people with speech problems.

The technology that is able to convert text to voice is generally called speech synthesizer. The process of speech synthesis is actually pretty amazing. The program recreates the voice of a human being and says the words that are written on the text box for speech. Most of these synthesizers have a vast database of words that have been prerecorded by an actual human being. And once the text is being typed and the program identifies the word with its match in the database, the recording is being played in continuous fashion with the rest of the words in the sentence. But modern speech synthesizers are already designed to create sounds through a mechanism that mimics the vocal cords of a human being. The newer ones are more versatile and they can also have a wider range of words that can be converted from text to speech.

Programs that can convert text to voice can definitely help people with problems in speech. Through these programs, they are able to exercise their right to speech and they are able to communicate much more freely to other people. But aside from those with speech problems, these speech synthesizers can also definitely help people with problems in their vision. The beauty of a program that can easily turn simple text to a human voice is that there are many text documents that can be converted easily. People that have difficulty seeing especially in the computer screen can use a speech synthesizer so that they can just listen to what is indicated in a document. So basically, aside from live conversion of the words being typed into speech, computer text files like notepads, word files, and even emails can be switched to voice.

Different programs have different features. Although the basic premise of being able to convert text to voice is similar across all software, there are special features that differs one from the other. Some speech synthesizers can even convert the text file into an audio file and save it in a different format so that you can listen to it at a later time. These programs have been created to assist different people with disability so that they can function as close to being normal. There are different speech synthesizers out there but you must be able to choose the one that can offer the features that you are most likely to benefit from. It is better to use a program that can convert not only text files but also emails and web pages. There are even synthesizers that can speak other languages. You should also choose the program with an audible an understandable synthetic voice.

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