Computer voice generator feature

Most voice generators let you adjust your reading speed. This feature is especially useful in many cases, such as learning foreign languages. Your reading speed can be decreased by ten percent of your normal. That way, you can listen carefully to the pronunciation of each word.

Among the helpful features is pronunciation editor, making the software more efficient. There is no perfect software and hence, you might have to alter the pronunciation of many special words sometimes. Some TTS programs are equipped with additional accessories such as speech reminder, speech alarm and command- line converter. When choosing TTS utility, you might consider looking for these minor yet useful features.

TTS software’s core component is speech engines. Put differently, TTS programs should make use of voices for synthesizing speech. The internet offers various voices in different languages. Many voices are completely free while some are commercial.

Free voices are generally from L&H Company and Microsoft. Commercial voices are offered by IVONA Company, AT&T, Cepstral and NeoSpeech. Once you have availed of a TTS program, be sure to subsequently watch for some voice generator: live demo. A voice generator: live demo will provide you step-by-step instructions on how to use the software properly.

Voice Generator: Live Demo

Try this amazing voice generator below. Simply type anything you want and let it say it (make sure your speakers are on!): If you are interested to know how it works, read on. This type of software is otherwise known as "text to speech" software, and as the name implies it verbalizes the text into audible speech. This is done with a computer that generates a distinct or most of the time robotic voice. Over the years, this type of More...

Functions of Voice Generator

The main function of the voice generator or text to speech software is to convert written words into spoken words. Generally, you can listen to a synthesized speech directly on your computer which is the basic function of the software. Whether you have short or lengthy materials or technical reports, you just let the app do the reading for you while you just listen to it. It will save your eyes from too much strain and fatigue. // Get the More...

Convert Text to Voice

Today’s technological advancements are basically tailored to make the lives of the people much easier. But aside from that, there are also a lot of inventions that aims to help those special people in their needs. Among those advancements is the technology that is able to convert text to voice. There are already many programs that can turn text to speech. This is totally different from the voice recognition technology. In voice recognition, the person talks and the program will More...