Common Limitations of a Voice Generator

As much as these programs are really helpful, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Here are a couple of the limitations of these generators:

• The voices that are created with these generators are not expressive enough. They are usually in monotone and they could not imitate human emotions translated into speech. This is why listening to the computer at first would seem awkward.

• The voices that are created by a computer voice generator are still limited in spite of the updates. There are not a lot of variations in terms of the voices and the most common ones available are only for adult male and adult female.

• There is also no distinction and synthesis of the informal dialects and languages used by many people today.

Needed Features on computer voice generator

Based on the computer technology of amazing speech synthesis, TTS (Text to Speech) software lets you convert any form of text into an audible speech on your personal computer. More and more users of computer, including students, business people, writers and those who are visually challenged or with learning disabilities, make use of a computer voice generator to improve their work efficiency, make proofreading more effective, learn different languages and/or reduce computer eyestrain from excessive reading. Now, it is time More...

Benefits of Text to Speech Software

A computer voice generator allows you to reduce your risk of developing computer eyestrain out of too much reading. With the use of the software, you will no longer have your eyes strained, trying to read very small fonts in web pages and emails. Once your eves have gotten tired of reading articles on the screen, simply sit back and let your computer read to you. The software makes you even more productive as you perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For More...

Text to Speech Software

Nowadays, it is possible to visit a website and have such website read something to you. This feature is so cool, isn’t it? Even if you have no sight problems, the software is still time- saving since it is more efficient to ‘command’ a website to read something to you than reading it yourself. With these facts, aren’t you still interested in computer voice generators? If so, take time to learn about the benefits of using this high end and More...