Benefits of Voice Generator

The voice generator or commonly referred to as text to speech software is an amazing technological advancements that provides numerous benefits. A lot of computer users are using this software to reduce the burden of their works including text editing. The voice generator: live demo shows how the software can be used if you are not yet familiar with it.

TTS makes your proofreading easier and effective. By just listening to your own writing using natural voice will let your proofreading become more effective. TTS also reduces eye strain which you can get from staying in front of your computer too long. When your eyes are already tired, you can let TTS do the reading for you while you are listening. With TTS, your productivity can increase by multitasking. You can do home chores or watch the news on TV while listening to your computer reading the text.

Other languages can learn English effectively by using the translator while the English speaking person can learn other languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Italian, French, German and other languages available on the application. Aside from alleviating the work load, TTS can also be a fun way of working with the text of the articles you are creating.

Common Limitations of a Voice Generator

As much as these programs are really helpful, there is still a lot of room for improvement. Here are a couple of the limitations of these generators: • The voices that are created with these generators are not expressive enough. They are usually in monotone and they could not imitate human emotions translated into speech. This is why listening to the computer at first would seem awkward. // Get the Text to Speech Avatar Widget widget and many other great More...

The Efficiency of Talk to Speech Software

The software allows you to listen to your reading materials while traveling, commuting or exercising. This time, your iPod is no longer exclusive for music. This exceptional feature is going to turn your daily boring commutes into productive hours. Therefore, for educators, writers, students, commuters, legal professionals, truck drivers and others, the text to speech function must be grabbed from online places. Using this tool will help you recapture your lost hours of productivity. This essential point must be primarily More...

The Power of Voice Generator

Computer voice generator, also known as text to speech or speech synthesis software, has long been under enhancement specifically for many decades. Recent technological progress has created applications, which have very natural sounding voices and high intelligibility. Today, an increasing number of people make use of TTS software for improving their efficiency in reading and saving time. Students, writers, lawyers, educators, busy people and business people from various walks of life consider this software as a must-have tool to be More...