Benefits of Text to Speech Software

A computer voice generator allows you to reduce your risk of developing computer eyestrain out of too much reading. With the use of the software, you will no longer have your eyes strained, trying to read very small fonts in web pages and emails.

Once your eves have gotten tired of reading articles on the screen, simply sit back and let your computer read to you. The software makes you even more productive as you perform multiple tasks simultaneously. For instance, you can watch the news on TV while listening to your converted files on the iPod.

What’s more, text to speech software also allows you to save texts as MP3 for your portable audio players. This feature can be relied on at all times; you can listen to your converted file anytime, anywhere.

In addition, a computer voice generator also lets you learn not just English but other languages as well. The software lets you read slowly to learn every pronunciation more effectively. Nowadays, there are so many speech voices you can avail of online in different languages including English, Japanese, Spanish, Chinese, Portuguese, French, Italian, German and the list goes on and on.

A computer voice generator is also efficient in terms of making proofreading a lot more effective. If you hear your own writing as a natural sounding voice, you can proofread it more effectively, compared with visual proofreading.

Lastly, the TTS software helps a senior citizen having low vision, in amusing his kids by allowing the computer to read stories to them, make messages for the answering machine, send a voice email to a relative and the like. You can download this software from the internet. If you do not know how to use it, subscribe to a voice generator: live demo available online. A voice generator: live demo will let you learn how this tool works.

Functions of Voice Generator

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Common Limitations of a Voice Generator

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Voice Generator Features

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