Voice Generator: Live Demo

Try this amazing voice generator below.

Simply type anything you want and let it say it (make sure your speakers are on!):

If you are interested to know how it works, read on. This type of software is otherwise known as "text to speech" software, and as the name implies it verbalizes the text into audible speech. This is done with a computer that generates a distinct or most of the time robotic voice.

Over the years, this type of software has undergone a lot of revisions and tests and it is only after decades of development that it finally acquired an unbelievably high comprehensibility and voices that seemed as though they have been spoken of by real people because it all seems natural to the ears. Try it live now, type anything you want and let it say it for you:

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Another term coined for this software is "speech synthesis". So don’t get confused with these terms because all three are interchangeable and refer to the same thing. The acquisition of these upgrades are mostly due to the astounding progress in the field of science and technology and because of these upgrades the applications for the high comprehensibility and the ability to mimic natural human voices have been made possible. So the next question you’d have to ask yourself is this, how can I benefit from this software and why was it even invented in the first place? Today people use this type of software together with its applications for several reasons and one is to help improve their efficiency in reading and to save them time while on it. Different kinds of people with varied professions find this tool very useful and beneficial in their line of work in any activity that makes use of this application. Even students, writers and business people have seen and can attest to the usefulness of speech synthesis.

The speech synthesis software has the capacity to convert any possible written text in emails, web pages, in various PDF files, documents form Microsoft Word and even those documents saved in various programs from written text into clear audible words and through the TTS software, you can actually convert any existing written text into WAV or MP3 as audio files. Can you just imagine how useful this can be? It saves you from straining your eyes in reading impossibly long texts from emails and documents from you computer’s monitor and all you’ve got to do is listen to it to your iPods or your MP3 players as they are being saved in audio files as you just sit back and relax and if you failed to listen or skipped something from the text you can click on repeat and listen to it all over again.

The Efficiency of Talk to Speech Software

The software allows you to listen to your reading materials while traveling, commuting or exercising. This time, your iPod is no longer exclusive for music. This exceptional feature is going to turn your daily boring commutes into productive hours. Therefore, for educators, writers, students, commuters, legal professionals, truck drivers and others, the text to speech function must be grabbed from online places. Using this tool will help you recapture your lost hours of productivity. This essential point must be primarily More...

Natural Sounding Voice Generator

There are lots of websites that provide the software for voice generator or text to speech, text reader or speech to text. The software has the ability to convert the written text into spoken words from MS Word; PDF files emails and web pages. Written text can also be converted into audio files using WAV or MP3 for your iPod or CD player. You can also find voice generator: live demo over the internet that teaches on how to use More...

Voice Generator Features

Apart from directly listening to the written texts, another vital feature of TTS program is the text to WAV or text to MP3. This feature provides great solution as well as time saving option for people who are always busy. Your emails, online newspapers, daily course of work and any text you created can be converted to MP3 which can be played on audio players like iPod. This will allow you to listen to your materials while you are driving, More...

If you are an incredibly busy person then the TTS software is just right for you especially for one who travels a lot and has to be in contact with the cyber world most of the time but finds it hard to connect to a speedy internet. You can save your files and listen to it while travelling. It saves you from the effort of having to bring your bulky laptop with you and to read all the files while you travel. Instead you can just push the play button and listen to the exact words that can be read in your emails into audios.

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